Choose BRMG Financial Investments for Your Corporate Credit Building Program

All entrepreneurs want to expand their businesses and incorporate technology as much as possible. A corporate credit building program involves building your business’s credibility, ensuring business credit compliance, analyzing credit scores and securing other advantages. By using your EIN to build your credit profile, you can secure more credit as your business broadens its operations. With a streamlined process in place, you can use your credit profile to take out lines of credit, increase your purchasing power, and maintain your cash flow. The responsibility of maintaining your credit profile rests with you – but we can become your support system. 

No lender wants to lend capital to a financially unstable company. With 15 years of experience, BRMG Financial Investments can get your loan approved in no time. By keeping accurate data, organizing your records, and doing business with suppliers who report to multiple credit bureaus, you can set yourself on the right path. 

A Customized Corporate Credit Program

Once you have good business credit, you can get favorable credit terms and interest rates from lenders. Keep in mind that monitoring and protecting your credit profile after developing it is essential. With our corporate credit program, you can fast-track your credit profile building process and improve your credit worthiness. 

Your business credit score is dependent on several factors, including the following:

  • Public Records – The number of times your business has been involved in any bankruptcies or judgments. 
  • Credit – Your payment history, trends, balances, length of credit history and credit utilization. 
  • Demographic – The risks associated with your industry, your business size, and the number of years you’ve been running your business. 

With your success and profitability our driving forces, our corporate credit program allows you to keep functioning or grow exponentially with substantial capital invested in your business venture.